Character Animations and Cloth Physics development

I’m here to open a discussion on certain aspects of development I will go through, I thought I could get a little feedback!?

Working on clothes for the custom character I made. It was quite challenging to make this character as I had to specifically think of all the joints and possible movements It could make without clipping.

here is a picture of the clothes I am working on:

The 2 attachments on the belt area are the start of a belt with a cloth like simulation using ball-socket constraints, I took some inspiration from the belt thing in the following art work I found on google:

I plan to have coats made with similar methods so If you want to see how it turns out, stay tuned I will be updating frequently.

Next is the animations, (the following are just test animations to see joint movement), It looks fine for now, hopefully the clothes won’t stick out as the legs and arms move.

Here are a few half baked quick animations I made:

Weird Running

Weird Walking

Strange Roll

The game I am working on is rather difficult for a sole developer doing all the work but I’ll do my best, as my goal Is to release a game this year!

Thanks for reading!

Updates: 17/01/21

I’m trying to figure out how I can efficiently attach parts together without using much constraints, I’ve tried ball socket constraints however sometime they don’t work well.

Now I’m giving rope constraints a go and this is what I get:

I’m assuming this is something to do with the mass of the parts which is stretching the rope constraints?

I’ll find a way around this!

That’s all for today!

Updates: 22/01/21

Today I figured out that ball socket constraints is probably the easiest way to go about making something close to cloth physics.

I’ve managed to play around with accessories and made some nice outfits for my game’s intro, as well as a basic Idle animation!
As following:

Idle animation

I will play with more colour options but for now this is the basic concept.

Making semi-realistic clothes with a humanoid character. I have a lot of neat ideas for this game and even though I’m kind of alone ill try my best.

I’m still thinking about how I’m gonna make a whole Kamishimo but I got a vague Idea.

I’ll keep y’all updated!

Update: 26/01/21

After some consideration I thought about the way I can have something similar to cloth physics while not impacting server performance, this would be local and can be done through script, sadly I’m not the best scripter so I’ll try to figure out a way to do this without advanced scripting…

So far I’m nearly done with the title screen and I am now working on basic character animations while thinking about an interesting combat system (PS: Inspired by Sekiro). This game will be heavily based on sword combat and PVP, might bring In some other weapons later, the main theme will be katanas, dark fantasy semi-open world, it will be a game which will reward players skill.

Basic walking animation



Pretty sick stuff, will this impact the performance of the game at all?

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I am not sure, I don’t think the attached clothes will, maybe having over 200 constraints could lag the game, we’ll see when I do it.

Alright well good luck with your game hope everything goes smoothly for you and your dev team

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Hahah thankss! Me is my dev team.

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For newest updates check this new post Animations and Progress, feedback appreciated!