Character Armor for my character shape

Hello, I was thinking for like 5 years about how would I look with a custom armor. I “imported” it to Roblox from my mind, and here are the results. I could’ve done it better, but this is what I have for now. You can criticize it how much you want, any tips are appreciated.



Armor with gun
gun on
Running (I can’t do screenshot while running)

Sorry for low quality images

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It looks good, although i would change few minor things, for example the humans body color is different from the one in the armor, maybe a few more detail on the arms or legs, other than its good and keep up the good work! :wink:

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Thank you, about the skin color, the armor is white and so I changed the skin color, that’s why is white. I also uploaded a picture of me “running”

Also the hair color and the face changes, i think it would be better to be the same skin color as well as keeping the accesories the same.

I think I sub-react with armor, it is more like, a robotic transformation

well then i would add a armor on the head also, to fix it

Good idea, didn’t think of an head armor design, yet

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First: Wow the idea looks amazing. if this become a game im sure i would play
second: you could change the running effect, like a beam or trail

Haha, you want to know something funnier? Check this game out! Trust me


opening it now lol
also i cant like any post anymore until it refreshes for 4 hours

wow, scripted it alot lol

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