Character auto dies on spawn

My character is auto-dying on spawn. I have no scripts that would affect spawning. I have no teams set up (the only modifications I have added to the spawns are visual only)

The only error is some random roblox error that I have received before and received no noticeable gameplay changes.

Video (ignore the game name lol)


Most likely there is an existing backdoor in your game. Check and make sure all scripts in your game are doing what its supposed to do.

I looked through every script and found nothing harmful. Even disabling them all fixed nothing

You might have a plugin that’s a virus, check if that’s the case.

Try the following in studio;

  1. File
  2. Studio Settings
  3. In Studio Tab, scroll down to ‘Explorer’
  4. Enable ‘Show Hidden Objects in Explorer’
  5. Type ‘Script’ again and see if there are any malicious scripts in the Hidden Objects Area.

Images for further clarification;

If this does resolve your issue, let me know and we can do a deeper dive.

bruh these people above me are absolutely clueless lol

This problem is occurring because Workspace.FallenPartsDestroyHeight is too high. Change it to a negative number or lower it.

In other words, it’s not a virus. They just joined in 2020 when covid was a thing.


Yeah, this seems to be it. My baseplate is very low and I guess it didn’t occur to me that they would die on spawn if low enough.

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