Character customization help [UNSOLVED]

Hello everyone, I am making character customization and when I did it with hair It well… The video speaks for itself.

Sometimes the hair aligns and sometimes it doesn’t.
Script that handles the hair :

	if acc and num then
		if acc == "Hair" then
			if CharacterCustomization[acc]:FindFirstChild(num) then
				local MeshId = CharacterCustomization[acc]:FindFirstChild(num).MeshId
				Character.Hair.Mesh.MeshId = MeshId

There is a part called Hair inside of the character which has the size of 2,2,2. Help would be appreciated

Change the offset of the meshes until it fits with the character, i ran into this same problem in my game and offset is genuinely helpful.

Edit: Some of the hair too was big, to solve that too, make the mesh size smaller until it fits.

So I have to change the offset of every single mesh? If yes I have over… 100 hair styles…

Sadly, yeah. But if you dont really wanna do that, ill explain abit of a longer way:

On the catalog, search for the hair that you used ingame.
If you have the bt roblox extension, go on the item’s page, and download it (as an rbxm).
Then go on studio and insert that file into workspace (i think you know how, just right click on workspace and insert it from file or smth like that)
And there, that hair is now fixed.

Well, the hair styles are from a hair kit…

Could you send the link to the hair kit, i can send the link to the catalog items of all of them

Can I just send the mesh id’s?

I guess

Here you go :

Can you send the mesh id’s though, not the kit, as it would be easier with the mesh ids

It’s not the kit. It contains the meshes.

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This is alot of meshes, so it’ll take abit, ill respond when i finished

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Sorry, i could only do 5, i need to work on a project, so for the rest of the hairs i didnt mention, just change the offset/size till they work.

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I think there is an another way with attachments but I don’t quite know

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You can try cloning that and inserting it via an accessory, but you have to use accessories.

Could you tell how to do that?

Delete the HeadWeld

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Can you explain more about what to do?

Instead of using a single accessory that contains a ‘Handle’ part of a constant size use multiple accessories.

I did that with my updated code :

if acc == "Hair" then
			if CharacterCustomization[acc]:FindFirstChild(num) then
				local clone = CharacterCustomization[acc]:FindFirstChild(num):Clone()
				clone.Name = "Hair"

The folder :
It works in the most part but the other…