Character Customization Lobby, Locally Invisible Players

So I am making a character customization lobby and I want all the other players to locally be invisible so I can isolate one player during the character customization process. How would one go about this?

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You can just iterate through all of the players locally, and set each of their body parts and accessories transparency to 1.

I would probably place all of the players in a folder under the workspace so it’s easier to manage.


How do you put all the players in a folder in Workspace?

When a player joins, you can set their character model’s parent to a folder in the workspace. In the case of entirely custom characters, you will also need to handle removing them from the folder if they leave, crash, etc.

I just wrote this here so I don’t know if it works:

local folder = workspace:WaitForChild("PlayerCharacters") -- Change this to the folder

         char.Parent = folder

You would have to edit this if you have custom characters as mentioned before.