Character Design Feedback

Hello! I’m working on a game and I’ve been testing around character designs, as the game is designed to be a game designed like a metroidvania mixed with a dungeon crawler, and the style will be fairly vibrant and friendly, while still keeping a nice design. I’ve came up with this kind of design, with a normal Roblox character, with added hair and a different face design.

There are more designs, but this the one I was talking about.

Edit: There will also be more diverse character options but the DevForum wouldn’t load it.


i think the eyes shouldnt be a decal and instead should be a mesh or brick, it would go with the 3d nature of the hair


I’m going to start creating that, and see how it looks.

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One eye is from the first picture, the other is the 3D mesh. I might see other ways this would look, but right now, I personally prefer the original picture’s version.

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I think the eye would look far better if you shaded it as Smooth.

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Alright, I will hop into Blender, and test this theory.

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Also, are you planning on making 3d clothing for the models? I think it would look way better and fit the style as well.

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the surface on top shouldnt be round like that. i meant for it to have a flat surface on top, yet “stick out”, similar to the bangs on the guy’s hair

Do you mean I put a cylinder as the eye for it to have a flat top? I will see that aswell.

I was actually planning on doing that! I just wanted to know how a base character would look and how people would react to the base design.

yea, my bad. im not the best when it comes to articulation lol

Understandable, looks quite nice so far

I actually love the way this one turned out compared to the last eye 3D model. This one is a cylinder instead of the circle scaled to the size of the eye.


This is extremely cute! Can’t wait to see how the full character design looks like. :happy3:

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I suggest you make their hair texture/material more smooth.

Technically there is no material, and is a color at the moment, but I might change that in case it ends up looking bad when all the characters are finished.