Character dies as soon as it spawns in game

I don’t know whether to put this in bug report or scripting support, but I’m having this glitch when I first load into the game my character dies instantly. This glitch also happens in the live game as well. This is the error that i get

if anyone can help as to what’s happening then that would be greatly appreciated!

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also, this is what it shows in the output as well

sorry i notice my mouse was covering the first image, here:

Would you be useful if you provided the script(s) which is/are causing the error(s) to occur.

sorry for late response, but the scripts causing this error are the roblox ones, such as the roblox camera module and etc

Hello, Did you modifiy Something or did you put a custom script in you’re game that modify camera / Character?

Yes i have, i have a custom character in starterplayer. As for the camera i disabled all scripts modifying camera and the issue still persists

Did you ever end up finding the solution?