Character flinging unexpectedly from wedges

The bug occurs when making contact to the sloped surface of a wedge part that is held up like a wall.

When you run against the sloped side of the wedge your character is unexpectedly flung to the side, causing issues for precise platforming to occur.

This happens more often than not. By placing the wedge on its side so the sloped surface is a vertical wall and running across it your character will get flung. It may take some slight repositioning or rotations of the part to reproduce the behaviour accurately.

This bug is universal to roblox, but has been causing major issues for my own project Flood Escape 2 whereas I have relied on using wedges as walls as per my building style and for efficiency but is now causing unexpected flings leading characters to drown by no fault of their own, and has become increasingly frustrating over the months D:

Here’s some tweets showcasing the behaviour both in my game and vanilla

This bug has been happening for months and I’m unsure of when it first came into light, but this is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with especially in my own projects as players are complaining of it too.


Can confirm I’ve experienced it in Flood Escape. Do you use PGS or the spring solver for physics?

Maybe same issue @Joshua_Falken?

PSG is disabled in Flood Escape 1

The tweets containing the examples both have PSG enabled.

While we’re at it, I’d like to bring up that if you disable the Swimming state and then walk to the edge of some water so your character is submerged (but not too submerged to prevent you from jumping) and jump it will cause your character to be forced out with some horizontal velocity.

Bump, pretty major physics issue

Can you provide a simple reproduction case that we can use to reproduce this?

I’m also not sure I’m seeing the flinging that is described. I can see it sliding away from the wall slightly, if that’s what is being reported.

At the end of the second video, the character is flung ~5 studs away from the surface of the wedge:

This may not seem like much, but this was an attempt to fling the character by someone without a lot of practice. Someone who spends a lot more time figuring out the kinks of this (as did the users in the topic I linked in my first post) will probably be able to achieve a much greater distance and use it for nefarious intentions.

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I’m currently looking into small part flinging (ie Don’t Get Propelled Into the Ceiling). Will look into this along with that.


Thank you!

This would be a great help since I get so many messages from people about it in my game. :laughing:

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