Character gets flung off the map when I run the game

I have made a script that a character of a player will spawn in a specific block every 5 seconds, but when I run it, the character just goes on their legs and heading out of the map:


It helps if you show us the script.

while true do
	local randomTool = math.random(1,3)
	if randomTool == 1 then
		local Knife = game.ServerStorage.CommonSimp:Clone()
		Knife.Parent = workspace
		Knife.HumanoidRootPart.Position = script.Parent.Position
		print("Common simp" .. " Has spawned") 
	elseif randomTool == 2 then
		local Spear = game.ServerStorage.ULTRARARESIMP:Clone()
		Spear.Parent = workspace
		Spear.HumanoidRootPart.Position = script.Parent.Position
		print(" Ultra Rare simp" .. " Has spawned") 
	elseif randomTool == 3 then
		local Dagger = game.ServerStorage.RareSimp:Clone()
		Dagger.Parent = workspace
		Dagger.HumanoidRootPart.Position = script.Parent.Position
		print("Rare simp" .. " Has spawned") 


Have you tried setting the HipHeight of the character’s Humanoid?X7fL1du3tR

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By looking at that script, It seems your character is spawning in another part.

You should add 2 to the Y Value that you are positioning the player to.

I just want to point out that when you’re printing “Rare Simp” It actually seems to be spawning the Ultra Rare Simp, fixing that might prevent some confusion later.

the thing is that it just repositions itself into the part

I Have fixed it thanks for letting me know

Then mark the solution because people may or may not keep replying to the thread.

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I think he was referring to the other reply that Isaque made, anyways in relation to this situation…
Is this supposed to be a BasePart or a Tool?