Character getting stuck on steps

I need to change the player character into a morph.

the character’s body parts are replaced with this character morph and animated using welds and a local side script.

The first thing is when i tried to use ReplaceBodyPartR15 on the humanoid rootpart, it bugged my character.

that was never fixed, but i found a work around. I can move and jump but my character gets easily caught on things. Whenever i go up stairs, or walk on floors with spacings I get caught on them and sometimes i can’t even move up the stairs at all.

I’ve played around with hipheight and it only doesn’t get caught up if i’m hovering.
The arms and legs have cancollide off automatically and can not be changed and the torso has concollide on but can not be changed.

Playing around with the physical properties of the parts in the morph didn’t help.

robloxapp-20200807-1446399.wmv (5.2 MB)

I want to be able to go up the stairs and not get stuck .I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks