Character GFX Commission


Love it!

TBH the way the place for holding the pistol is kinda not perfect
Consider changing the BG too.

The Grass looks so realistic how did u make them?

A 9/10


I think the setting should’ve been better if it’s in a desert like area also why is the image size 4000x4000? shouldn’t it be 4096x4096 to speak for the values correctly? oh well.


10/10 Professional GFX. This looks great.


Everything looks very good except that the shoulder shows a material that does not convince me at all and may only show the uniform


Stop it enough @colbert2677 , Do not change agains


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Are you currently for hire? You seem fantastic!

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Yes, I waiting for that! Dm’s Zanviorus#4660 for more info

Okay, I friended you. My username is Kinder#6006!