Character GFX showcase

I made a gfx, it is not that good as I can’t use Roblox studio. Please tell me if you like it!
This one is one for my YT pfp
this is another one that is not that good either :fearful::scream::weary:
Send me feeeedback

if you want me to make you a gfx (you probably won’t) you can DM me or PM
Discord- MizzshazzyYT#4728


Hi, I Really like Those
let me know your payments

Tbh you should use blender for better HD’s and arugula it’s worth is I promise and yeah

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I haven’t thought of payments yet ;-; but let me know what you think they are worth

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Please use Blender. It’s extremely helpful and with the PaintRigV3 you can easily bend limbs.

Examples of what you can do with Blender (this is my comms sheet :joy:):


I think u may do it for free until you get experience

Don’t you need roblox studio to do blender? I am not allowed to download ittttttttttt

I highly recommend using blender XD

How are you able to use DevForum if not Studio? If anything, the things you will see on DevForum (13+ to be a member) is worse than Studio (you can be <13).

Almost everything on the DevForum revolves around Studio. Why even be on the DevForum if Studio isn’t accessible?


Yeah, that’s a really good question :confused:

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I mean if she cant use Roblox studio she’s probably on mobile so how would she use blender…

I doubt those example images were made on mobile.

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The poses are really simple, and I can tell that you just took your Roblox character and copy and pasted it into a background. I understand that you can’t use Roblox Studio, but it’s really important that you do if you want to create good Character GFX’s.


the thing is I am not allowed to download Roblox onto my computer :frowning:

But if you can’t download Roblox then why create assets to sell for a currency you can’t access?

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It is not up to you how I spend my time. I do it to help everyone who needs these things. So far I have made 1K of Robux when doing clothing, so mind your own business.

I’m not telling you how to spend your time. I’m asking a valid question which in no way is intruding your privacy. I’m trying to help with your current situation. GFX design requires much more than copy-pasting avatars in an image. You’d earn quite a lot more than what you get off of clothing design if you used just Studio to make GFX. All you need is this:

  1. Import the avatar into Studio.
  2. Fiddle around with it (rotating limbs and such).
  3. Right-Click in Explorer and Export Selection.
  4. Open 3D Viewer (pre-installed Windows application), and import your exported selection.
  5. Take image as transparent PNG and slap it onto a cool gradient in Photopea.

That process could earn you 50-125 per GFX, which is around how much I charged for GFX when I made only Studio GFXs. Blender ones are worth easily 200+, but I always charge less for my products.

Again, this was in no way trying to tell you how to spend your time. I’m only interested in trying to help and don’t appreciate being talked to like that.