Character goes stiff when ragdolled and has another character welded

So theres a layered clothing bug that causes significant lag spikes which hasn’t been fixed in months. The only solution I have (which I am forced to do otherwise my game will be unplayable) is to put the layered clothing on an invisible dummy and then weld that dummy to the character. I set all the dummies parts to cancollide false of course and massless true. It actually works extremely well but theres one downside.

this is ragdolling without the invisible character welded:

This is it with the character welded:

How can I fix this? The dummy is forced on platform stand.
all help is seriously appreciated I’ve been stuck on this for a while.

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I believe this is caused by the motor6ds in the invisible character but I cant disable those because then the layered clothing wont work so its tough.