Character inconsistencies cause possibly serverside error

The DevForum requires posts to have 30 keys to be posted. That’s where this bug comes in.

This bug uses a discrepancy between pre and post calculated character count to cause the client to send an invalid request, causing an error.

Expected behaviour: you get this popup:


To view this bug, add 31 dots ina row on a post. Then press submit. You should see the error above.

Issue Area: DevForum
Issue Type: Requirement
Frequency: Rarely
Impact: Low


I was going to say this is a validator error on the clientside, but what should be mentioned is that you can see this pass clientside validation, because the client gets as far as attempting to submit post content:

I can reproduce this on my Phone, havent tried my computer as im getting ready for school. Theres obviously 31 dots if you count carefully

There’s numerous ways to bypass the limit. Bottom line, it’s not important or worthwhile to fix. Users abusing this will be moderated appropriately. The limit is to make you think harder about what you’re posting, or if you should just use the like button.

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can repro this,

here are the logs of the console of Firefox 117 on Windows:




I agree that this is intentional, this is done because people will put 25 dots to bypass the limit

Sure, but why not check the number in a slightly different way and just give the normal error?