Character is Super Bright and Shiny when Floor/Walls are not

Title basically explained it, but basically, the character is super bright and shiny, while the floor and walls are not shiny. I know this is due to lighting, but I tried to just decrease the brightness/exposurecompensation and that did fix the issue, but then the floor and walls become dull and not lit up.


It may have to do with you setting the graphics quality too low, try cracking that up. Otherwise you may need to change the color of the surface and point lights in the build to be colder(bluer)

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Are you sure you haven’t set the character’s material to Neon?

This looks like excessive blooming effect.

If you have a bloom effect in Lighting, try turning down it’s intensity.

Changing the color of the lights to be more blue actually worked, and it doesnt seem to be too bad for the map itself, thanks! Will keep this information in mind!

(Also for the other responders, there was no Bloom in lighting, and the parts for the character were all plastic)

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