Character keeps sliding off the map in VR

Hello, I’ve been working on a horror survival game with Gorilla Tag-like controls. I’ve been using the Nexus VR system to help achieve this. So far everything has worked out great except for an issue with the hands. Instead of propelling the player,
it slides the player off the map, I’ve tried higher friction on the hands and other parts however it didn’t seem to work and I tried using a welding script but I couldn’t get it to work either.

Video Example (Sorry its low quality):

robloxapp-20240316-2350371.wmv (2.6 MB)

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I haven’t used or played around with VR yet. Also fairly difficult to find any documentation or bug reports on why it happens. This is all I could find (I know its not 100% related but some of the code may be useful).

All I can think of is the package your using (Nexus VR System) is causing it, or one of the bodyForces is getting stuck.