Character limit should not affect saving a job post as a draft

As someone who posts job offers on the Talent Hub, it is incredibly annoying to have to spam letters to reach the character limit just to save your posting as a draft if you want to return to it later.

I am a scatterbrain that tends to come back to written work many times to make sure that I am satisfied with the final result. This means that I utilize the draft feature very often anywhere I can, including the Talent Hub. Roblox does not help with it. Currently, in order to make sure that you can save your post in your drafts, you have to keyboard mash until you hit the limit and hope that you don’t accidentally post the listing. Another way of doing it is to save it locally on your PC in a word document but if you’re a person that tends to not keep track of those, you can lose the draft easily in your own mess.

If Roblox addressed this issue, it would make life easier for people like me who need to revise their writing 30 times over in the writing process for their own peace of mind. Being able to save your draft where you wrote it, just like Discourse allows it here, would bring up the accessibility and make the Talent Hub more user friendly.


The character limits on the Talent Hub have become a big issue for me as well, I’ve experienced many occasions when I’ve gone over the character/link limits and had to remove important information.

For example, when I was adding one of my jobs to my portfolio, I was forced to remove some photos and links due to the max character limits.

I don’t really see a reason why the max character limits need to be so low (500 characters), I believe the more detail, the better. Especially if we are considering this a ‘portfolio’ that a client will see upon looking for a creator, they’ll want to see as much detail as possible.


As much as I appreciate the fire in your soul about the character limit in the creator section of the Talent Hub, I am talking about the minimum character limit for the job listing creation tool. I recommend supporting this post with your statement.



Thanks for this suggestion - I can definitely see the merit for this. After all, the Job is quite literally a Draft! I’ll flag this with the team.


Along with this. Can we please see an increase in the job posting limit?

I am in need to commission for multiple things and currently I am limited to posting only 2 jobs simultaneously. What’s worse is that the 3rd post I tried to publish was completely discarded and all the details I had written were completely gone. This was how I found out about the limit and was not warned beforehand, thus wasting a great deal of my time.



Thanks for reporting this. Creators can post up to 2 jobs every day - I would recommend either staggering, or merging multiple jobs into one post initially. However, I’ve flagged that it just wipes the third job draft with the team, and we’ll look into it.


This is good news, thank you!

Though with the rest of this it appears to be ambiguous or bugged. Because I made 2 job listings 2 days ago and I just tried to make a 3rd one today (this would be my first post in over 24hrs) and it said I had hit the max job posts.


Does it mean 2 posts per day as of when each post is pending approved? Or does it mean at the time you click publish? Does editing your post refresh this timer?