Character Loading Error


I have a major problem with a game I’m working on. Whenever I try playing the game, my character never loads in. At first, I thought I was just having lag issues. However, other people have tried playing it and won’t load in either.

I dug around in Roblox Studio (which, by the way, produces the same issue when I test), and I didn’t find anything sketchy that could’ve been the cause of my issue.

I’m fully sure that my character isn’t loading in because I don’t see a model with my username in the Workspace, and my camera gets stuck in the sky somewhere and won’t focus on my player’s character. Additionally, none of the UI elements show up.

Does anyone know what is causing this?

Check Players.CharacterAutoLoads. If it’s false, you need to either put it to true or load the character manually with Player:LoadCharacter().


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