Character Loadout System

Hello I am Aensvey and I created a loadout system for a game I am creating and I would appreciate any feedback you have! (switch teams by chatting, !T1, !T2, etc.)

(I am only providing 1 screenshot because I feel you best experience it in-game)

(Game Link)


I am sorry but I did not have a good time.
I was not able to do much as I did not know what to do.
Changing teams via chat was not enough of a hint for me.
Perhaps an Introductory Billboard with basic instructions would help.

I mean I don’t know how I would write instructions for that… All you do is click the button to change it…

You could add a billboardgui and adornee it to the players head (once active) containing something like this:

To Play.

  1. Walk over to the assistants dummy and click on the top of the board to see the changes.
  2. Try changing your team via chat entering IT1, IT2 etc

Use a timer to wait for 10 seconds and then disable the billboardgui or a button so the player can dismiss it.