Character model acts as anchored despite no anchored parts

I’m creating a character using the following code: (on the client)

local hDesc = players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(players.LocalPlayer.UserId)
local newChar = players:CreateHumanoidModelFromDescription(hDesc,Enum.HumanoidRigType.R15)
newChar.Parent = someFolder

However, despite all parts inside the character being unanchored, acts the same way an anchored character would. If I try copying and pasting the folder that the character is in into the workspace somewhere, it starts working again.

I also can’t reproduce the problem in a different place using (almost) identical code.

Creating another part and then parenting it into the character also causes that part to work as anchored despite being unanchored.

Is it because it’s inside a folder?
Try parenting it to the workspace.

That didn’t seem to work either. I’m experimenting with the part I created in the character and it appears that physics don’t work on the part unless it is near the player. Moving it towards the player allows the part to fall but moving it back to the original position (or anywhere far away) causes it to stop falling.

Search posts with the term ‘network ownership’. Physics will lag if the owner is the workspace, but will work quicker on your computer if you’re considered the owner.

There are quite a few posts about people solving this issue.

I thought all parts created on the client have the network owner as the client? The server can’t see the parts and therefore can’t set network ownership.

The issue appears to be because of StreamingEnabled. Disabling it allows the parts to fall but enabling it causes the issues.

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Read the link I posted.
I also searched “testing networkownership” and found a few posts dealing with it.

I’m not sure if they help. Is changing networkOwnership possible on the client?

Found some other posts of the same topic. Apparently this is intended behavior so I’ll probably just scrap what I’m doing since there doesn’t appear to be any valid workarounds.