Character model teleporting to negative infinity position

When using the player:LoadCharacter() function immediately after setting the character’s cframe position via scripts, a glitch happens where the player ends up moving to an infinitely deep position and instantly die.

Once this happens the first time, it will keep happening over and over until you leave the game.

Reseting the character and using LoadCharacter() repeatedly does not fix issue.

The moment you attempt to set the character’s cframe position again, it will automatically teleport it to the position (0,-3.40282347e+038,0) without fail.

Some output information after getting the glitch.


What body objects do you have in the character? Having a NaN component will do this too.

This may actually be more accurate.
A basic place with just LoadCharacter and teleporting does not produce the issue.

The possibility is that the models in the camera (which are welded to character) have not been fully loaded yet into workspace and therefore send the player into the infinite position?

But if the camera is always cleared using ClearAllChildren() when you respawn, why does the glitch still persist once it’s only happened once?

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