Character move to issue

Im my game, there are cars you can drive. There are some that you need to buy in order to drive them. If you try to sit in a car you dont own, youll be ejected and a prompt will appear to buy it. Im having a problem when the player is ejected because it gets stuck in the car. I want to make the player get ejected from the car and get put next to it.

here is the script:

local seat = script.Parent--The location of the seat, if you put this script inside the seat, you will not need to change it.
local CarName = "Beige Dune Buggy"--Change to Car name

--Do Not Edit Past This

   if Child.Name == "SeatWeld" then
   		local player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(Child.Part1.Parent)--Finds the player
   		if (player) then
   			if player [CarName][CarName].Value == 2 then--Checks if player owns vehicle

   			else --If they do not own it

   				--player.Character.Humanoid.Jump = true
   				--Child.Part1.Parent.Humanoid.Jump = true
   			player.PlayerGui[CarName].Enabled = false --Shows them the purchase Gui!
   			--player.Character.Humanoid.Jump = true


well the :moveto functions walks the humanoid to the point! If the humanoid collides with the car it gets stuck. Either u change the humanoids CFRAME to teleport or you set the car collide and humanoid collide properly