Character orientation fixed to camera from shift-lock(or similar mechanic) in desktop app

Reproduction Steps

Currently, I use the MacBook(2020) with the M1 chip, system is pretty much a preset and does not have any further modifications.

Steps to reproduce the bug

  1. Use the Desktop App Beta
  2. In any game that allows shift-lock, enable it.
  3. Leave the game while still enabled.
  4. Join another game, witness the result.

On top of this, I assume that the client somehow un-shift-locks after leaving, but the character remains locked for some reason?

Expected Behavior

I expected that the character does not stay locked to the camera when shift-lock is not enabled.

Actual Behavior

The character stays locked even if you try to re-toggle shift-lock.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Low
Frequency: Constantly
Date Last Experienced: 2022-07-29 00:07:00 (+02:00)


this has been happening to me too I turn shiftlock in studio close studio then my cameras all wonk even in other games. Sometimes to fix I restart studio


Forgot to mention this part:

The only workaround or temporary fix after becoming a victim of my-character-is-afraid-of-facing-the-camera issue, is to completely restart the application.


Additional information was found as well: This applies to first-person camera lock too. So once you leave the game while in first-person view, you’ll experience the same effect.


Hi thanks for the report. Can you also provide a video to exactly see the issue? Also, is the issue happening only on macbook?

Probably unrelated, but this change just came th
rough making the whole player module stop returning the cameras when queried, which broke our stuff.

Not sure if this is intentional or not.


Using CameraToggle sort of fixes the issue, with the player teleporting back to the angle a few seconds after. The issue makes all of Roblox feel like it was made in 1999 (music used to exaggerate the 1999 feel and i know that song wasn’t made in 1999 but whatever). It even makes the head face the direction the camera is facing while the player is dead (as a ragdoll). This happens when you hop between multiple games within 1 instance of the Roblox client, and is fixed when you restart it.

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Akin to this, this bug no longer solely occurs in the Desktop App for me anymore. I’m now experiencing this in Roblox Studio (without ever even toggling on Shift Lock). Possibly caused by toggling a player’s controls off?

This keeps happening to me in studio as well, If shiftlock is enabled or you are in first person and stop testing the game, It will still lock your character’s orientation until you restart studio. (Simply don’t use shiftlock or first person while teleporting/stopping a test)

not for me been happening on windows