Character position being overriden?

I have a custom spawning system where I use player:LoadCharacter(), and for some unclear reason, my character:PivotTo() is being overridden in my player.CharacterAdded. Does roblox have some sort of default spawn position when using :LoadCharacter() that comes after code running in player.CharacterAdded or something?

I tested it to make sure I was not seeing things. In a function, in player.CharacterAdded, I moved the character to the position I wanted, and it printed the correct position. Then in task.delay(3, func) that I wrote, it printed a different position. I did not move at all when the character spawned. Something is happening between the time of :PivotTo() and the time the character actually spawns.

The way I had to get by this was by using an actual spawn location instance and moving it to my desired position bc I guess spawn location is executed after code in the CharacterAdded event??

I don’t understand…Has this happened to anyone else?

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But, if it happens before character added, why is it overriding my code?