Character refuses to change state to ragdoll

While developing my game, I wanted to add something where if you hit a fall too fast, or if you fall from a large height with enough momentum, you will take damage and ragdoll. Everything works except that the player is still in control when in ragdoll.

When I change the humanoid state type, nothing happens. I was wondering if there’s anything I am doing wrong or anything n the code that is causing this error?

char.Humanoid.RequiresNeck = false -- this is so the char wont die when ragdoll applied


local d = char:GetDescendants()
	for index, joint in pairs(script.Parent:GetDescendants()) do
		if joint:IsA('Motor6D') then

			local socket ="BallSocketConstraint")
			local a1 ="Attachment")
			local a2 ="Attachment")
			a1.Parent = joint.Part0
			a2.Parent = joint.Part1
			socket.Parent = joint.Parent
			socket.Attachment0 = a1
			socket.Attachment1 = a2
			a1.CFrame = joint.C0
			a2.CFrame = joint.C1
			socket.LimitsEnabled = true
			socket.TwistLimitsEnabled = true
			joint.Enabled = false


The limbs are limp, but I want the character to not have control of their body, like an actual ragdoll.

Thank you!

Bumping it up

Well i think player torso piece not torso or lower the hrp

is the problem

This a local script or normal script

the script i used is a normal script

The network owner of the character needs to make the humanoid state change. By default, a player character is owned by the client. You could use a RemoteEvent to tell the client to do it.

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