Character Replication CFrame

Hello I’m Rask

I’m currently making a Character Movements system and i have some issue when i replicate the Character CFrame.
Basically since the player has his own network owner i can in theory set the humanoidrootpart cframe in local and it should be replicated to all clients.
And magic it is indeed the case however the others clients and the server see this weird behavior

which is weird cause the original player doesn’t see this behaviour

There isn’t any stuff welded to the character, or anchored, the character is just replicated where the Sphere CFrame (which you can see in the second gif) is.

I’m kinda stuck with this little glitch and i can’t figure out what to do so if you have any ideas let me know !

Weird glitch for sure, so not completely straightforward to solve. To help debug, could you open the dev console and go to the DebugVisualizations category, then toggle on AreOwnersShown. It’s going to highlight the part ownership with different colors so you can verify that everything on the network ownership side of things are correct.

If you don’t see anything different on your screen, you could also enable this debug feature by going into File → Studio Settings → Physics and then enabling Are Owners Shown on the display tab.