Character selection GUI

Hi I am trying to work on a marvel game and I would really love to make a character selection GUI Where you tap on a character and the character comes up with a screen next to it with there name, powers, outfit name and I hope someone could help me.

  1. **What do you want to achieve? I would really want to achieve a marvel game to other to enjoy and have fun in.

  2. **What is the issue? I am not an advanced scripter and I am not really good at gui’s

  3. **What solutions have you tried so far? I have dug really hard in dev forum and other stuff like lua, programming and I haven’t found anything for 1 year and I hope someone could really help.

I hope that one of you guys could help.

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From what you have posted I am going to write the following on the basis that you have preset morphs or something which edits the character after finishing the character selection stage. To do this you will need client to server communication, for example if I click character 1, then it will fire to the server that I am continuing as that character. You would essentially need a value stored within your player such as an int/string value which allows the server to understand what character you’re going to be. Afterwards you can have the server detect that this value has changed in the player and then have it do whatever you want it to do.


I would recommend using youtube and search “Roblox Custom Charcter Gui” There are plenty of resources on youtube which can help you

there is many posts on this “morph gui” also please dont make duplicate posts