Character sliding effect?

If you have played a game like Evade or NN, you would notice that the player has their effects exaggerated, the character will slide on the floor giving out a smooth walking effect, when getting off stairs or similar things the velocity is also exaggerated by sliding the character; i suggest to take a look yourself to see what im talking about. My question is: How can I achieve this effect?

I’ve tried setting the character massless, to an extent that did help but in just a slight slide for walking, what annoyed me about that method is that the character took a long time to coincide with the camera and that often lead to me seeing my own body while making an abrupt turn.

help is appreciated!

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In the character’s meshparts try enabling customphysicalproperties. The setting your looking for is probably friction.

It doesn’t achieve the same effect

It would help if you show a video of what you want to make.

using linearvelocity maybe bec i have made some sliding effects from it and its really good

velocities are weird to use and ive tried it in the past, hell to work with

just join one of the games i mentioned above and you will see, i cant really record

but its really easy to do the slide effect with linear vel

i dont want a dash, what im talking about is way different

o slide effect lemme try to think :thinking:

if i remember nico nextbots they dont use regular movements they calculate players vector and apply velocity to make them move

that seems pretty overkill, couldn’t I make some sort of acceleration, like when they reach a certain velocity i can add extra force to them for a short period of time?