Character sliding on ground?

Hi there, when I load in-game, my character slides uncontrollably through the ground. It is a custom character based on R6. Here’s a gif of what happens:

Note: I had to copy the game from one studio to another, and it works fine in the original studio, I’m not sure why it’s causing problems here.

Thank you in advance for any help!


Hey, you! Yes, you! It’s the HipHeight problem! Modify HipHeight property of humanoid!

Jokes aside, measure hight of HumanoidRootPart’s center.

center height = leg length + HumanoidRootPart /2

Hip height should generally speaking be equal to leg length. HipHeight to CenterHeight in default R6 and R15 Roblox rigs is equal to 2/3. Measure CenterHeight and multiply it by 2/3.

EDIT @DatabaseReplace Unless it’s a terrain bug or something related to terrain properties, I’m almost certain the issue has something to do with HipHeight.

Are you sure you have the correct HipHeight set? Make sure it’s changed without doubt during the game run-time.

Too high hip height: image ; too low hip height: image

For testing purposes, try changing hip height while in play test mode and perhaps set it to unusually high.

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Maybe lifting the spawn location up from the ground a bit, and maybe put the custom character parts correctly onto the character. I’m not sure but you can try to lift the spawn up a bit.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work :frowning:

I tried that too, but no success

Did you add or change something to the rig?