Character sliding through floor permanently?

When i spawn in, my character glides halfway into the ground shirts and hats also get removed.

Context, i attempted to add a hat, a shirt, and pants to a character

The sliding glitch has to do with the Humanoid not being able to detect the floor and elevate itself according to the Humanoid HipHeight property.

So here are some things to check.

  1. Make sure the humanoid hip height is not zero or is set sufficient enough (enough to keep the legs off the floor).

  2. And make sure the humanoidRootPart collision group is “normal” where it can hit the default map. There is raycasting done here from root part to floor to make the humanoid elevate itself based on the HRP.


Is this a custom character, and have you messed with any of the Properties that @dthecoolest has mentioned?

none of them. even rigging a stopwatch to a hand does it.

humanoid is stuck in freefall for literally no reason

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