Character spawning with wrong Collisionfidelity

I’ve been having issues with the characters lately, specifically the meshparts with the ability to change CollisionFidelity.

Whenever I spawn, my character’s collisionfidelity is always set into “Hull” which I’m pretty sure shouldn’t be the case with custom characters where you get to set their collisionfidelity. Either way the Hull collisionfidelity is still wrong regardless.

Heres what my character should look like as well as its supposedly CollisionFidelity set to “Hull”

Now heres what it looks like when I spawn in.

These are all done in a new baseplate so I’m pretty sure you can repro these and the result is always like this. This ruins the collision of meshparts for me as this also affects things like the accuracy of raycasts.

Hope I’m not the only one experiencing this, though I’d love to get some help maybe I’ve set some kind of setting in studio that resulted to this.

You cannot change an object’s CollisionFidelity mid-game.

I spawn with a hull collisionfidelity on default, everytime i respawn it always spawns on Hull collisionfidelity, but that’s a box collisionfidelity shown in the test even though its shown as hull in the collisionfidelity properties. With custom characters, you can set the collisionfidelity first but will still reset back to hull when you spawn with it but show a box collisionfidelity regardless.