Character stuck floating while moving

Whenever I use a weld constraint to weld a player to a moving part, or I just tween the character I get this weird floating animation. How would I disable this?


Okay, i found a way to fix this kind of issue.

In the animate script, in the onPlatformStanding function ( line 640 ) replace:
pose = “PlatformStanding” with pose = “Standing”, and right after that, on the next line, call playAnimation(“idle”, 0.1, Humanoid). This will ensure that it will play the idle animation.

So your onPlatformStanding function should look like this:

function onPlatformStanding()
	pose = "Standing"
	playAnimation("idle", 0.1, Humanoid)

Next, when you weld the character just do Humanoid.PlatformStanding = true. Also make sure to set it back to false when you destroy the weld!

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Work perfectly, thank you!
(dont mind this)


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