Character Switch not working

Im really new to scripting- erm, why doesnt this work? What it should do is when Z is pressed your character is changed to a different one.

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It is because you have put an event instead of calling function directly or simply drop the function.

Currently what will happen with that is, you press Z and PlayerAdded event will be hooked, when a player joins their humanoid will be changed, player who clicked Z will not have their humanoid changed or players joined before that player, and since this must be a local script, no one can see the change except the player pressing Z

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InputService only works under local scripts, not server scripts.
The character appearance only applies whenever another player joins.
This script connects the playeradded event everytime the player hits the Z key, this can cause a memory leak!
Also, why are you checking if the input is from a keyboard??? Usually there’s no way that the Z key can come from a mouse or a controller.

How would I get a function to work with this, where would I put it?
Read this.

I did- but what do I do with it?

There is the solution for this problem in that article.

  • A Humanoid instance named StarterHumanoid , which will be used as the default humanoid for each player’s character.
  • A Model instance named StarterCharacter , which will be used as the character model for all players

So I have this- I thought it’d work but unfortunately it didnt.

you havent load the humanoid description
is that the whole script i cant find player

or just dress a character change the name of the model as StarterCharacter and place it inside StarterPlayer in studio

As @Aanggoodluck said you need to load HumanoidDescription

To get the player simply use
and load HumanoidDescription on that.