Character Viewpoint

Hi guys! I’m gonna ask for some assistance again based on scripting.
I’ve recently started designing a UI for an RPG game, and I need the characters profile image to always match the character. If anyone can give me assistance, thanks!

To elaborate, I want:

The viewpoint character to only stand still and not duplicate the real characters animations
To always track the real characters appearance (When the characters shirt or pants changes the viewpoint will duplicate it)

Thanks again!

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Do you mean by having the whole characters head only in a frame?

I want the character shown with only their head, torso, and both of their arms in view.
And I don’t want any of those image label API stuff, I need a viewport frame tracking the characters appearance.

can you clone them and destroy it when something is added to their character under the viewportframe?

No idea what you mean by that, but every time the characters appearance is changed, the viewpoint will change the colors, clothes, accessories, depending on what was changed on the character.
Lets say that the character got some new armor and put it on. It will show for both the avatar and the viewpoint. Understand?

Someone made this open source! It’s the solution of this post.

Kind of what I was looking for but…
I’m looking for a functional characterviewport that doesnt duplicate any player animations.
I want the viewport to stay still is what I’m trying to say.

Hmmm, i’m not trying to be rude, but are you expecting us to make it for you?

I’m not really asking for any of you to write artificial code for you guys to write for me. I’m just asking what kind of scripting things I can use to make the UI.

If your game doesn’t edit player characters to differ from how they appear on the website, you can use Players:GetUserThumbnailAsync or rbxthumb to get an image of a player’s avatar.

Otherwise, you can use a ViewportFrame to display a replica of the player’s character created using a HumanoidDescription.

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Sounds interesting, I’ll give it a try and mark you as Solution if it worked. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hi, just came back from trying to test it and it’s not working so far. Be more specific.

What I can use to apply the humanoid description
What kind of script I can use to apply the description

This is improper use of the Scripting Support category. Please confer with About the Scripting Support category. This is not a venue for you to ask items to be made for you. You should be attempting these problems yourself first and searching avaialble resources to use, then coming here only when you’ve encountered a problem with your implementation.

The thread currently comes off as you wanting others to make this asset for you. As for the recently provided solution, it does work, you just haven’t tinkered around with it enough. You can’t expect others to author entire code for you. Your questions can be answered with a few minutes worth of searching.

Ahhh… Sorry dude, I didn’t know.
I didn’t find any categories that would request asset help or script commissions. But I didn’t mean to ask for any artificial code made for me. But I’ll probably use this category properly next time. Cheers.