CharacterAppearanceLoaded & HasAppearanceLoaded don't fire or return true if the player has no appearance

CharacterAppearanceLoaded & HasAppearanceLoaded don’t fire or return true if the character has no appearance. It should automatically fire if there’s no appearance to load. For example, having a character with only body colours as the appearance and nothing else.

Example.rbxl (13.1 KB)

		1. CharacterAppearanceLoaded & HasAppearanceLoaded won't fire or return true
		   if you have nothing but body colours on. Make sure you remove all your
		   assets from your avatar on the Roblox website.
		2. Once you have done that, you'll need to goto Roblox website > Avatar > Body > Appearance > Skin Tone > Advanced > Torso
		   and then choose a colour for your Torso. If you use the default clothing, they'll fire and return true.
		   Make sure you have nothing else but body colours on.
		Result: CharacterAppearanceLoaded won't fire and HasAppearanceLoaded won't return true.

This happens everytime, it is reproducible. This happens in the latest Studio version and in live games on Roblox.

Example Appearance:
30 pm


Thank you Zeumus for bringing this to our attention! I’m looking into this now.


Fixed a bug where Player.CharacterAppearanceLoaded would not fire and Player.HasAppearanceLoaded would not return true if your character loads in without wearing any clothing.Release Notes for 322


I note that when running the attached Example.rblx in studio using the local test server, CharacterAppearanceLoaded and HasAppearanceLoaded still do not fire or return true when the blank Player1 character spawns. I take it this is a quirk of this test mode and published games can assume these will work as expected?


I am having this issue as well.
Both events don’t seem to work when using a StarterCharacter

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