Characters legs clipping through ground

when i spawn in (in studio) my legs clip through ground like this
nothing to do with scripts as i have them all disabled
NOTE: when i just generate a new baseplate my legs still clip through ground
keep in mind cancollide is off btw.

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Your SpawnPoint is probably under / colliding with that part. I’d advise you move the SpawnPoint up a bit and making sure it has CanCollide on and it is Anchored

I’ve been developing on the platform for a long time, and have done many things. I am also encountering this, and I think it has to do with studio itself. This is an anomaly. Going to reinstall it to see if that changes anything because it could have to do with play-test configuration.

UPDATE: It has to do with an error generated by the play-test configuration in your installation, simply reinstall studio, and it will fix. It works for me now, just reinstalled.

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