Characters on Moving Platforms - Now Live


That’d be more than perfect. I would really like to see that change.


This is great, can’t wait to go skydiving!


Feedback from the community of SharkBite has been great so far. Thanks for this update!


(click to play the gif)

I assume it’s the thing under the “Known Bugs” :stuck_out_tongue:


Thé only thing holding me back with humanoids is how much stress it can end up putting on the server if you have a lot of them.


Something that I noticed right away in the game “Survive the Disasters 2”,
was that objects that are being used by many players at once become extremely slippery/unstable.
In the example below, you can see I slide off the model from it’s center.



Hmmm, I don’t think this code could have affected this. The way your character perceives/interacts with the floor hasn’t changed. I’ll try to get some time to playtest.


Players have been reporting that when they collect coins in Super Bomb Survival, they get “deleted” along with the coin. This happens when the player is standing on the coin when it’s destroyed. Could this change be causing this issue?


How are you deleting the coins? Just calling Destroy on the server? Or something else. It is possible that this is responsible if for some reason the delete causes the server to think you teleported to the kill plane, since it takes some time for the client to know that the coin is deleted, it will still be sending packets in the local space of that coin.

I’ll have to address this better…


Just destroying on the server, yeah. SBS has a lot of moving physics parts being knocked around by various forces too, and it seems like the extremes result in players getting deleted or zoomed out of the map if they register as platforms.


So what will most likely happen is that upon deleting the coin while someone is standing on it, is that the player standing on it will briefly appear at 0,0,0 (or close to) on the server. Is there something at 0,0,0 that kills players on the server?


In SBS 0,0,0 is actually under the clipping plane. I’ll lower it so hopefully this stops happening.


Yeah, server probably kills characters when this happens. I’ll make sure to fix this, but lowering clipping plane for now could be a good temp fix.


Not sure how I missed this earlier, is there a good repro place? This shouldn’t happen unless you are setting the parent of the car to nil and back frequently and even that should be fixed as of yesterday.


It’s Lumber Tycoon 2 :stuck_out_tongue:
@Defaultio could probably give more details though.


The trucks there have always had wonky physics, I think it might be the legacy BodyMovers causing this, but that’s just a guess.


I’ll make sure to take some time to play Lumber Tycoon 2 today and talk to Defaultio. Thanks for the reports, Guys.

@Polyhex Working on a fix for your report. Will hopefully get it in in time for next week’s release.


Currently in my game characters are teleporting up and down from the surface to the top of the crane constantly for other players meanwhile client sees it as normal and isn’t having this happen.

(will have to ask/join if you need access to see)

Example of the bug I’m experiencing:


How does this crane work? Can you send me a simplified version of this crane?


How should I go about sending you the crane?

While I’m waiting for a response the basic description of how it works is:
It’s a solid, anchored model that is welded together for my games destruction code. (I’m the builder, not programmer so this is very vague).