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Could you send it over PM?


I was playing this game last night and standing on top of cars looks great on the player’s client, but to everyone else the character flashes in and out of existence at a high frequency. Experienced in a server with roughly 35 people.


The map in this game is mostly local, as in, roads, bridges, and buildings, are only visible to the client, but there is also grass under the roads, vehicles, and characters, that are seen by the server.

People are flashing in and out not just on vehicles, but standing regularly on the ground, or on top of a building (which may or may not be local). I think that the interaction between players and vehicles that are visible to the server, walking and driving on parts that are only local, is the culprit to this issue.


Is having gravity be in a different direction than negative Y one of the possible customizations? I was thinking about how awesome this new feature would be for space battles but then I realized that it probably won’t work if the player is using a different direction for gravity.


That’s probably less specific to humanoids since if you have upside down gravity, I imagine you’d also want unanchored parts to fall upwards as well.


What if I have sideways gravity?

I want to be able to customize the gravity direction of Humanoids to use any direction, and I want changes like this to work with it by considering a different direction down. I can make the Humanoid fall in a different direction using Force objects, but I can’t make any of the humanoid logic use this new direction. If I have the humanoid “fall” to an object in the +X direction, it won’t attach to the object and make use of this change because this change only looks at negative Y for the floor.

Use cases:

  • Space games where you can rotate the ship in 3d space
  • Games where you can walk on walls, such as
    • Futuristic games including FPS and puzzle games
    • Games based on moving at a high speed, like Sonic
  • Games where you can flip gravity, such as a 3D VVVVV
  • Games where you can slide or grab onto walls. This could be done easily by manipulating what direction the humanoid considers “down” so that it will stick to walls, even if those walls are part of a moving platform.
  • Games where you walk around planets, such as Super Mario Galaxy.

I don’t really expect the default PlayerScripts to support different gravity directions, but it would be nice if Humanoids would so that I could write my own control and camera scripts that are compatible. Right now I have to completely reprogram all Roblox character logic if I want characters to be able to walk on walls or ceilings of moving platforms as if they are walls.


Thanks a bunch! Been wanting this on Roblox since forever.


This is epic, making boats will be so much easier now!!


We’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time.

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I am also getting the issue where people teleport to the origin on other people’s screens, though I imagine you have a ton of repro places by now.


Players in Super Bomb Survival have also been having their positions get updated to the location of where they died instead of at the spawn location recently.


Local parts are weird, but code should be resilient to anything that was created locally on the client. The only case where the feature isn’t self-resolving is where parts are spawned by the server, and the clients delete them and replace them with their own. Anything server-owned will have issues here.

I’ll try to investigate more.

I have a few examples with one more fix coming out later this week, but if anyone finds a simple repro then please send me the repro. I can always use more repros.


Here’s a short video of what I’ve been seeing. On death or when respawning, players will be in this weird “stuck” mode where they can’t move or fall. Sometimes they appear at the spawn and other times their characters appear where they died. Sometimes you can “push” them around like a physics object, but on their screen they can’t move at all. This has been happening for about a week. At the same time, players started reporting that sometimes they don’t get teleported into the arena when a round starts, but stay in the lobby where they were.

Someone also sent me videos of ragdolling while on constraint rotating platforms causing them to clip through the map in strange ways.

A lot of these issues are making my game very difficult to play for some people.


I can report similar teleportation issues, where characters disappearing while on top of a moving platform and re-appear when they exit it.


I just enabled a fix that should prevent majority of the teleportation cases users are reporting. The fix will take a little bit of time to propagate as users update to the latest version of the Roblox Player.

@Polyhex @devSparkle Please let me know if volume of reports of teleportation is reduced after this.


Issues seemed to die down for a couple days but are back in substantial numbers now - players are dealing with the same problems, not being teleported into the arena & also respawning at their point of death instead of being moved to the SpawnLocation as Roblox normally does.


Do you know what portion of your users are Mobile? It seems to almost be > Half of your players are non-Desktop. The reason I’m asking is because the fix I received requires latest versions of mobile to full work, (to stop teleportation).

I’m playing the game right now trying to catch anything strange. I’ll try dying on purpose a few times.


So, this is cool and all for pirate ships, but it can kill cars…


Cars in Lumber Tycoon 2 can sometimes fling out into the air because of it. Not sure how it works exactly, but it only happens if a player is standing in your car’s trunk.