I have created a Play button but, how do I now make it connect with the CharacterSelectionGui Plus I don’t know how so, how can I create a CharacterSelectionGui? So, what does it do? It have to load with the custom character I have created (Note: I have created my own custom character named “Character1Model” and its placed in ReplicatedStorage in a file named “Characters > Cartoon > Character1Model” it works great) and i want it to load with some local scripts I have created in maybe StarterPlayer > StarterPlayerScript. (Note: I’m not sure if this is where I have to place it maybe I should place it in Replicated Storage?). so, how am I able to do it and how exactly?

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Can you explain what you are trying to do? What is the CharacterSelectionGui?

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Okay, so, I have created a Play button. So, when the player clicks “Play” button. It’ll bring up the CharacterSelectionGui (I havent created that yet cuz I dont know how…). It’ll have one Character and when the player clicks on it there will be a right down conor a “Confirm” button when the player clicks it It’ll have to load the Custom Character that I have created placed in "ReplicatedStorage > Characters > Cartoons > “CustomCharacterModel1”. Also, I have some LocalScript in " StarterPlayer > StarterPlayerScripts " that I want it to load with the chosen Character in the CharacterSelectionGui. I hope you now understand what im trying to say.

I understand, however if you don’t know how to make your CharacterSelectionGui then I might ask, have you looked on the wiki or the tutorials Roblox provides for making GUIs? There are a lot of great resources out there. Asking a general question like “how to make some GUI” doesn’t help us in giving you an answer since we need to know what it looks like, and usually, how to fix it.

But if you have at least tried to make one and are having issues, then that would be helpful to know, and how you made it, etc… This is important information so that we can address your questions. I hope that clarifies why you maybe haven’t received the feedback you were expecting.


Basically, what you want to do is:
Firstly: Make the CharacterSelectionGui. To do that, you simply make a few buttons for the character selections, after this you make a script in which when one of the buttons are clicked for example “Character1” a remote event ( is fired.

Secondly: You make a seperate server-script that receives this signal and onServerEvent it will delete any “StarterCharacter” Models in the player’s directory (game.Players.playername) and it will clone “Character1”, rename it “StarterCharacter” add it to the player’s directory.

Lastly: To respawn the player you delete the player’s character (game.Workspace.playername:Destroy()) and then you load character by doing (game.Players.plrname:LoadCharacter())

(Replied to wrong person so i am re-posting this)


This is not a do-my-work category. Please refrain from posting threads asking for others to write code for you and attempt this on your own first.


I’m not asking for someone to do it for me. I’m asking how am I able to do it like what services should I use for example? :confused:

Do you have any scripts or something, an image at least?
or should we attempt to help you based on our imagination of what the code would look like

Edit : 17minutes , still waiting…


Nevermind, I don’t have any because I haven’t saved the place. I think I want the second option you said. :frowning:

I’m sorry but I don’t think we can help you using our imagination, @PostApproval is right, at least try to do something an then ask us to do something for you. (which you shouldn’t as this is not your venue for free code)

A post exists right here that could help you, if you know how to script, at all; or utilize these free models if you can’t :

I've found some resources >


I have tried making it but, I have failed to create it at all. So, I have deleted it so, I can ask for help how to make one… :frowning:

Okay, I’ll try those resources and see if it will solve my problem…

This is what I mean though, that you are asking people to do your work for you. This is evident in several areas of the OP and the given responses towards various questions.

If you supposedly deleted the place file, then make another one and attempt this problem yourself. Do some research on what you need or learn how to script before getting into things above your level.


Use remote events, in client you can use :FireServer(variables) and in server you can use RemoteEvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(variables) hope this helped.