I need to do a Character Selection GUI!

i want to do a Selection of morphs gui, where you can morph your self as other characters, that’s it basically, something like this: the name and the photo, when you click it b00m you appear as your favorite character ° 0 °

i look for solutions, but i didn’t find anything, i’ve tried to search on YouTube too but nothing i’ll be so happy if someone can help me :smiley:


Do you know how to script?
If so, a function in this plugin can help you make that gui. You can use it to apply bundles to players avatars.

Open that link and Install the plugin in studio, then use it to download some bundles you want to use. It will create a folder in ServerStorage and store the bundles in there. Then use InsertService to download the plugin into ServerStorage so you can copy some of the code inside the script to make your own script that applies the bundles to a player when they click a gui button

run this in the studio command bar to insert the plugin

 game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(1919609509).Parent = game.ServerStorage

Well im guessing it would be as simple as cloning the character from some place like replicated storage to the workspace then equalling the character to the cloned object