Charge Different Amounts Of Robux

I was on ROBLOX the other day and came across a game where you could type any amount of robux in and it would charge you that amount. I was wandering if anyone knew how to?


Unless I’m mistaken, you cannot change values of a developer product from a game server. I’m assuming they just did it manually by having a different developer product for each Robux amount.


This has been done in the past by using an external system set up to create developer products at runtime. Doing this is not recommended because you most likely have to store your security cookie on an externally hosted server, and this could break at any point. If you need this functionality, you should re-investigate your design.


While the above answers your question, also going to stick in here that this question has been asked before. Use the search bar before posting threads please.


Yep, using a web server can be a good one. I think I also found a game previously, using different combinations of developer products for a custom amount. Pretty sure it was the ScriptersCF donation centre.

This is another solution, you use a combination of developer products to achieve a certain amount of Robux. For example, if a donator wants to pay 683 Robux, then they will be prompted with 4 developer products (500 + 100 + 80 + 3) or something like that. No web server required on this one, I suppose.

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I would have a look at the post side of things and see if you can direct an external server to Roblox using their post methods. This is all theory, and im not sure if it goes against their terms of service.

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Something likes this?

I created this some time ago and yes it uses an external server and it stores the cookie.
I don’t know if this is allowed in the TOS but I wanted to create something cleaner and open-source it for others so maybe that comes in the future!

All the asset id’s it created are sent back to the Roblox server:

There isn’t a future to delete Developer products yet and i hope it comes soon.


It’s technically not against the TOS to have a bot access the website and do things, though they can also technically ban you for any reason, so as long as you don’t do anything annoying, you shouldn’t receive a ban.

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In the ScriptersCF donation place, we allow users to input any amount of Robux, which prompts them with preset developer products that add up to the total. This is beneficial as it doesn’t require the use of an external server to constantly update developer products.

For example, entering 521 would prompt the user with a product that costs 500R$, 20R$ and then 1R$.

Assuming that’s what you’re looking for, you can find the source here on GitHub if you’re interested in taking a look.


So, I guess you have a 1r$ and 2$r and a 3$ and a 4$ and a 5$, as small denominations, then 10$, 20$, 50$ 100$ 500$ 1000$ 10k$ as higher denominations. Then using their output, you must have it run an event system that calls to all these dev products and they make their donations?

Edit: after seeing the source code I see how it’s done. Well done. Thank you for sharing this with the comunity!

Seeing as this isn’t too old and a web server was discussed, I’d just like to leave this here for anyone who ends up looking here: