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Hey! I’m char, also known as chariiox on roblox. I’m 14 and I have been building on Roblox for 2 years and Ilike using the low poly style. I have done a various of styles such as medieval, sci-fi and fantasy themed builds.


Adoption Centre


Anime Simulator

Castle House

Castle Tycoon

Jungle Temple Showcase

Sci-Fi Builds

Simulator Map Assets


Sci-Fi Lobby



I am available during the weekdays (after school) and weekends, this will be an exception if I was on a vacation or taking a break!



My prices are negotiable, I like to work with people who’s out-going and open to other people’s ideas. I accept both USD (paypal) and robux (+30% tax). I prefer upfront payments or 50% of the payment when I start and the rest after I have completed your commission/ I’ll be able to give a discount if I’m late to the due date, please understand!


Assets $5 - $25+
Assets (buildings) with interior $30 - $70+
Small Map $80 - $140+
Medium Map $160 - $250+


Assets 1k robux - 7k+ robux
Assets with interior 9k robux - 20k+ robux
Small Map 23k robux - 40k+ robux
Medium Map 45k robux - 70k+ robux


DevForum | @chariiox
Server | chariox's builds (Order your commissions here)
Discord | chariox#1856

Feel free to ask me any questions in the server when commissioning, have a great day!


Chariox is really talented builder and modeller I’d recommend you to buy commissions from

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Looking to purchase assets, added on discord (will#4070)

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Updated my portfolio with more builds and recent commissions!

Commissions will be on halt until I have finished all the commissions in hand, you can reserve for slots though, contact me through DevForum or Discord:
DevForum | @chariiox
Discord | chariox#1856