Chat++: An enhancement module for the Roblox Default Chat[BETA]

What is Chat++?
Chat++ Is a module that adds many features to the vanilla chat like admin commands, an emoji selector* and custom filters. More features will come soon.

Chat++ Is easy to install just get the module here and follow the README file.

Demo Video
robloxapp-20210720-1447208.wmv (2.2 MB)

Demo Game
Chat++ Test Place - Roblox

If you have any suggestions please leave them in the replies below!

*The emoji picker was a module made by @IAmLagFearMe I will make my own once I have enough time I have just been busy and haven’t got around to it so all credit in the emoji picker goes to them


I am planning to add:

  1. More Commands
  2. Rich text formatting
  3. Separate channel guis

Nice module


Oh crap give me a second woops

Try it again now @Pokemoncraft5290


Oops Im sorta new with releasing models try now @R0bl0x10501050

Woah, could you add rich text support like the dev forum has?

Yeah I might add that in a later update

Can you give us a video that wont need to be download

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Here ya go:

(Just converted OP’s vid to mp4)

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Thanks. I didn’t realize I had my OBS set to .wmv