Chat Box Bigger Than It Should Be

Hi! I am writing to receive help on this bug.

So the chat box is bigger than it should be as shwon in the image below!

This usually happens when you leave the game with your window minimized, then full screen, but in this case I didn’t do that. I even tried rejoininig and have full screen on, and it still does it.

Any help is appreciated on how to remove this issue.

Some suggestions to do:

  1. Reset Chat Settings:
  • Press “/” to open the chat.
  • Type “/chatreset” and press Enter.
  1. Adjust Display Settings:
  • Press Esc, go to Settings > Display.
  • Try different resolutions.
  1. Restart Roblox:
  • Close the game and reopen it.
  1. Update Roblox:
  • Make sure it’s up-to-date.
  1. Update Graphics Drivers:
  • Make sure your graphics drivers are updated.
  1. Reinstall Roblox:
  • If all else fails, reinstall the game.
  1. Contact Support:
  • If the problem persists, contact Roblox support.

/chatreset isn’t even a command.

Try /clear and try if that works

Inside of Chat (Chat service), there is a module called ChatSettings. This module will appear when you play, or you can add the module inside of chat to change the settings

Inside of that module, there are a lot of settings including these

The first two are there for if you want to enable the property that makes the chat resizable

If you did not mess with the settings of the chat, it should not be too big… Idk what the problem would be then

More information about the legacy chat here

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