Chat Box GUI Not Appearing

For some reason, for one of my games, the chatbox GUI is not appearing. I am able to enter text just fine and that chat bubble still renders as you can see in the screenshot. No chat history is being displayed however.

I have tried uploading copies of the game back on to this game file, but it does not work. If I make a copy of this game however, the chatbox works just fine. I tried uploading copies onto my ORIGINAL copy, but the problem persists.

I even made sure that Bubble Chat was disabled to no avail. I tried restoring this game back to its oldest version history and the problem is the same. I am not sure why this happening and would like some assistance/explanation for why this specific game file is corrupted the way it is.

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

This is the original game link:

This is the new one(an exact copy, functionality wise):

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It seems like the chat button is up in the left corner, have you clicked it?

Seems like the chat GUI was edited by a module or something of some sort. Roblox changed their basic setting of changing chat types, so it’s stupidly complicated now.

Check all the services for anything related to a chat module or something in regards to chat. If you delete that, you’ll get the chat box back, since I’m assuming it was edited by someone.

Yea. There is no chat history being preserved.

Nothing. I reuploaded the same exact game file to a new place and the chat box shows up. I think that this original file is just corrupted somehow and I am not sure why exactly.

Not corrupted, it’s just a setting a lot of people use to get rid of the chatbox. You can simply edit it in the chatmodule scripts (which used to be an actual game setting, but Roblox removed it for some reason). I forgot how to undo it or change it :man_shrugging:

Man Lol. I swear I’ve tried everything. I even removed all scripts. This specific place just isn’t functional anymore.

Might’ve been the chat setting option that got removed. It allowed you to choose either between classic chat, bubble chat, or both.