Chat Bubble Image

Does anyone know where I can get the Image for the Chat bubble that appears above a players head when they talk? I want to create an NPC and make the same chat bubble as players to make it look more realistic.

If not, how can I recreate one that is similar?


%localappdata%\Roblox\Versions, open either version (one is client, and the other is Studio – they both have the asset), and go to content/textures/ui. There are various chat/dialogue assets in here.

You can either upload these to Roblox (recommended in case Roblox changes asset later), or use the asset directly by setting an ImageLabel/etc’s image property to rbxasset://textures/ui/chatBubble_white_notify_bkg.png / etc. You’ll have to use image slicing to make it stretch right.

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Thanks. Do you know what the slicing properties are, or do I just mess around with them?

You can look in the default chat scripts to see what they use, but otherwise just mess around with them.

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