Chat Bubbles Issues

I was testing out some features in my game and I found out that the chat bubbles get shot up into the sky, I’m not sure what causes this but I have asked others who play my game and this doesn’t happen for anyone else, If I could get some support that would be great! here is my issue:

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It happens everywhere, you can see others and they can see yours, it is only you who cannot see what you say - probably so you can see others. Don’t worry about it!

oh, ok well its been happening for about a week now in my game and everyone else says its fine so I was wondering what was happening, and its not like a often thing it happens constantly, there’s no point where it comes back down

It’s just what you see, no one else. its fine dont worry.

okay so update, its been more than 2 months now, I don’t know and I’m not sure on if its a temporary thing, its starting to happen in other games I make. Still no one else is experiencing this.