Chat Creates Uncontrollable Movement

Reproduction Steps

1. Join a game with the new chat
2. Start moving (hold W)
3. Open the chat with “/”
4. Press enter and try to move

Expected Behavior

I expect that I stop moving when I finish typing after pressing “/” to chat. Even better, I would expect to stop moving when pressing “/” to chat.

Actual Behavior

When you are moving and press “/”, you will keep moving while you are typing. After you are done and try to move, you will not be able to stop moving without repeatedly pressing the key from before you started chatting.

Old Behavior:
New Behavior:


Spam the movement keys until you can take control again

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-06-28 16:06:00 (-07:00)


This bug has been around for a while now, not even sure if it could count as a bug. Personally I enjoy being able to keep moving when I enter the chat for most games and it would be sad to see this patched.


As shown in the videos, previously you would be able to walk but it would stop after you press enter. However, with the new chat you now have to spam the movement keys to stop walking around which gets pretty annoying.

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The old behavior which I think is intended, is if you entered the chat while holding say W, once you exit you can push W again to stop moving, is this no longer the case?

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The old behavior did not require you to spam click your movement keys to stop moving, but rather just press enter as shown in the video. Players are getting confused because the new chat is making them move after they stop typing and trying to control their character.

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While I will admit this is different behavior, I’d personally prefer the new one over the old one.
Most of the time if I’m trying to chat while moving, I’d want to keep moving instead of stopping for however long it takes me to hit enter and press W again.

It’s such a minor change however, so I’m not sure if it’s intentional or just a minor oversight when creating the new chat.


Thank you for the report ! We are aware of the issue and we’ll get back to you when there’s any update.

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