Chat creating a gap between messages?

Not sure what’s up here? But there’s a gap between each players chat + there’s a gap between our names and the message itself.

I haven’t forked the chat

Chat:RegisterChatCallback(Enum.ChatCallbackType.OnCreatingChatWindow, function()
    return {
        ClassicChatEnabled = true,
        BubbleChatEnabled = true,
		DefaultFont = Enum.Font.Cartoon,
		ChatBarFont = Enum.Font.Cartoon

Not sure if this a bug/glitch or something on my end??

Can’t reproduce:
ChatGapRepro.rbxl (15.4 KB)

Please follow “How to post a Bug Report”:

Provide a minimal repro file that reproduces the issue when a set of steps are followed, 100% of the time wherever possible, to make sure you are not wasting anyone’s time looking into this.

Bug where there’s a gap between chats only happens when there’s 2 players, both players chat, then 1 player leaves and rejoins.
Chat Bug.rbxl (16.6 KB)
Still a large gap between my name and my message

I think this is a bug on Roblox’s part. Although I can’t reproduce it at will, this does occasionally happen to my game.

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Thanks for your report. Do you mind sending us the spec of your device…? Resolution of the screen that can reproduce the bug is the most potential related factor. And could you also help to see if this happens if you don’t have emoji/icons embedded in tags?

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Screen resolution is 1920x1080

Gap still appears without the emojis. Less predominant, but still a distinct gap

Anything going into fixing this?? I ended up doing more tests and seemed to be a problem with the font being Cartoon, not the icons. Works normally with default font