Chat filter in Translation tab has extremely high false positive ratio

The problem;

As a Developer that regularly finds himself using the Translation Tab it’s currently near impossible to translate large amounts of text from English to another language due to filter imposed on the tab getting triggered over foreign words that are grammarly or phonetically close to an inappropriate English word.



Conjugated you form of; Kunnen → je kunt sounds like C u n t
Several conjugated forms of; Sluiten → ik sluit grammarly looks like S l u t


Bitche → sounds and looks like B i t c h

Insert other examples here… hopefully, you get the picture.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if speakers of other languages encounter the same problem.

’ Use case ’

With a removed filter or an updated more liberal version of it, translators like me are not forced to waste unnecessary amounts of time rooting out which word causes the current piss poor filter to get triggered which in turn causes the whole paragraph to not go trough.